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Everything Is Not Everything

It is true that compromise is sometimes down right necessary. In any career, in relationships, and especially in love. However, sometimes it does actually hurt more to bend than to just break. Despite all the re-assuring quotes out there that bending is completely ok and what you should do, no questions asked. According […]

The Echo of Loss

Is it harder to grieve someone you loved or someone you wanted to?  Last weekend I learned that my father passed away. There’s usually a certain standard reaction of grief one feels immediately after losing a parent, at least that’s how I imagine it. People keep telling me how sorry they […]

Why Resolutions Fail

Another year has come and gone. Hello 2019, it’s lovely to meet you! There is something about that bright, fresh canvas of the New Year that brings a certain magic into the air. It’s a time for looking back at our achievements, our mistakes, our would have/could haves. A time […]


Toxicity – the quality of being toxic or poisonous. What do you think of when you hear the word “toxic”? Most of us imagine material things like waste, products we shouldn’t have in our home, chemicals, pollution, etc. We wouldn’t go into a store and buy something that is labeled TOXIC. […]

Life Goals for the Living

Last weekend I flew to California to meet my big sister for Ohana Fest in Dana Point, CA. It was well worth the miles! Some bands I had never heard of and some I had treasured for years, & of course Eddie Vedder (insert heart with arrow in guitar here). On […]

The Fetus of Procrastination

Here’s what I’ve been up to over the last 9 months for inquiring minds who’d like to know. January 2, 2018 – I bought a slice of the American Dream and became a first time homeowner! A two-story townhouse style condo with mountain views, and it couldn’t be more perfect. […]

A bit of background

Hi there! Welcome to my humble corner of cyber space. This blog is a collection of stories, random thoughts and moments in time surrounding my life. Disclaimer: You will not find any diet tricks, DIY crafts (especially smoothies), or other fragrance-free bullshit on this site. Here’s what you need to […]


Unrecognizable. This was the goal I set for myself about 5 years ago. Right there on the cold tiles of the kitchen floor, sweatpants, empty bottle of wine next to me…right there in that moment of absolute hopelessness, right there at “rock bottom” where so many of us have been […]

30 days of Gratitude Project

Drumroll please!!……. After 30 days of logging and intermediate posts, I have completed the last part of the 30 day Gratitude project.   I have thoroughly enjoyed making these little notes each day, it causes you to reflect intently on your life and literally count your blessings.  For me, it […]

Gratitude project continues…

Day 11 – What holiday are you grateful for?  Halloween! It’s the perfect excuse for big wigs, spandex and priceless photo opportunities! Not to mention…the giant bowl of candy ❤️ Day 12 – What texture are you grateful for?  What a strange question…this is one I definitely had to think […]