Flesh & Bone

If I were the ocean,

Chasing you through the waves

And the storms,

Would you learn to swim?

Or watch me drown…


If I were that song you love,

The one you start over and over,

Loud, louder now;

Do you think you could

Find my name in the words?


If I were the morning,

And you were the night;

If I were the beginning,

And you were the end;

Would you think of me in between?


If I were the words on these pages,

And lost myself completely

Between the ink and the bleeding;

Would it break your heart?

The things unsent & unsaid..


If I were the flesh & bone,

And you were the heart;

Would you keep us both in cages?

Or beat to a rhythm that’s stronger

And louder with each second,

Just to let me love and live..