After two years of traveling solely around my home state of Alaska and the occasional trip to Seattle, I am well overdue for a REAL vacation. The kind that requires a bathing suit and sunscreen. The kind where I eat something other than chicken breast and spinach. The kind that involves quality time with family and friends abroad. Yes, the time has finally arrived to enjoy all of these things and more! To say that I am excited would be the understatement of the year. I am ecstatic! I am ready!!!


Who else thinks shoes shouldn’t count as an additional carry on? They are part of the outfits stuffed away in the suitcase. It’s not my fault they can’t fit in that same suitcase. I can never choose just a few. What if I only have heels, but I realize I would like to do a bit of sight seeing and need boots? What if by some miracle I actually decide to exercise on vacation and do not have my favorite running shoes?! What if I need black peep toe heels for one dress but I can’t wear black with my coral dress and… Oy vey…the list goes on and on!

Somewhere between the 4 pairs of boots and the 5 different shades of heels, I said to myself ..”How ridiculous!” I realized I always over pack. Not only for travel, but in every day life. We carry so much on our minds, on our to do list, in our car, in our back packs. We shop and we buy more things to put on our minds and more things to go in our bags. More weight. Yet, we are always trying to “lighten the load”, lose the weight, relax more, worry less. Yes, how ridiculous indeed!

Today was costume day at my place of work. I must have had at least 3 bags, not including my purse, for ONE simple costume. One for shoes of course, one for makeup (because I have to touch up and make my cheeks an extra pink mid-day), one for the costume itself in a completely separate bag (because God forbid anything rub off on it and leave me with a stained Dorothy from Oz Nylon dress…), and then of course my purse, my work stuff. Please don’t even ask what is in my purse. I am that friend that can pull out a cardigan, antibacterial wipes, lip gloss, a wine opener and a full bottle of wine all at the same time!

While there is some good to being overly prepared, it usually backfires on us one way or another. We pack too many bags then stress out about losing them. We pack everything we didn’t need and forget the most important things! This happens to me a lot. Perhaps this is a great opportunity to lose a little weight. To simplify things. To just… relax. I have much less in my suitcase at this point and have narrowed down my shoes from 12 pairs to 6.

I’ll update you on how that turned out after I get back! I’ll be gone for about 2 weeks, returning with lots of pics and stories I am sure. Strange how those are the lightest things we often bring back with us from our travels, but they always seem to last the longest too.


2 thoughts on “Baggage

  1. “We shop and we buy more things to put on our minds and more things to go in our bags. More weight. Yet, we are always trying to “lighten the load,” lose the weight, relax more, worry less.” – Isn’t that the truth! Exciting that you’re planning a trip; that’s always so much fun!!

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