Darkness in Paris

It was my intention to use this day to update you on my wonderful vacation. I was planning to talk about how amazing it was to swim with dolphins in Atlantis and to have coffee every morning overlooking the Caribbean. However, I am finding it difficult to focus on dreams coming true. I am finding it difficult to dream all together. My dreams have been threatened.

I am doing something today I never do. I am watching the news. Everyone who knows me knows that I hate the news. I hate it’s twist and turns on world issues. I hate the way it offers a false sense of security. I hate how it has the ability to persuade, brainwash and manipulate our personal beliefs that become completely impersonal by it’s forced opinions.

However, today the news has something very important and real to discuss. Today it is not about the controversy of red cups at your local Starbucks or what’s happening with the Kardashian family. Today it is about pure terror. Evil. War. Surprisingly, today the news is actually reporting the news. As far as we know. Even more surprising, the news has not changed since 9/11/2001. That is FOURTEEN years ago the terrorist attack was taken on the twin towers. FOURTEEN years of trying to fight HATE with HATE. FOURTEEN years of trying to address a kind of evil that is beyond the control of government.

So what do we do? World leaders now realize after FOURTEEN years that this is not going away. They say they NOW must react. “No longer can this be pushed to the side”. Wow. Let’s check back in 6 months and see how true that is? Mark your calendar folks.

What about us as a people? What about the people in Paris right now? How do we as humans react?

I’m watching CNN and a police car keeps showing up telling people to go home, to clear the streets for security purposes. It is not safe. Yet, people remain in the square. They pray. They grieve. They simply remain there.

If the act of terrorists was to instill fear in the people of Paris, they have ultimately failed, just as they have failed in America. People who are scared run away. People who are scared hide in their homes and bow to evil out of pure desperation. People who are scared commit terrorist acts for no reason other than they are COWARDS who have no idea what they are even fighting for. There is no purpose for this kind of evil.

I hope that square in Paris does not clear. I hope it becomes so crowded that we can’t even hear the news. Where evil presents itself, there is no power like that of LOVE. There is no power like that of hope and faith in a community coming together to say “We are still here. We remain. We will carry on.”

That is all I think we can continue to do. That is what I think we must do every day.



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