Happy Birthday!!

Today marks the TWO YEAR birthday of my little cyber space in the blogging world. Happy Birthday Living Out Loud!! You have grown into more than I could have ever imagined and caused me to grow as well.

To celebrate, I took a short day at work and spent plenty of time being pampered from the feet up. Nails, hair, chocolate cupcakes… and wine of course! Tis’ the season where calories do not exist, right!? At least until the 1st of the year. I’ll take it!

The new highlights are a bit difficult to see but there’s a bit of purple in there, which is my favorite color and one I’ve debated adding in for a long period of time. It’s not drastic or anything, I still have a day job after all. Yet, it is definitely a nice change from the caramel blonde I’ve had for a while now. New year, New hair!


I’m still working on the 2016 bucket list but one of the top 5 items on it is to blog 365 times in 2016. That means I am either blogging with you every single day, or sometimes, TWICE a day! Such consistent intimacy is said to be a sign of a healthy relationship, and I want us to be very healthy.

A large portion of my pending bucket list depends on Pearl Jam’s 2016 US tour. Yes, that’s right. My entire year of goals revolves around one event. True love knows no shame! Wherever Eddie goes to celebrate Pearl Jam’s 25th anniversary, I fully intend to be there. Now, if Eddie and the rest of the band would just tell us all where THAT is… we can get on with our lives. Tick………. tock.

In the meantime, I am definitely planning to rest and relax through the holiday season with loved ones. Enjoy the company of your family and friends as much as possible, time is the best gift we have to offer every day of the year. Make people a priority.

I’ve always got time for you and I’ll be back before the end of the year. Until then…







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