‘Twas the morning before Christmas…

‘Twas the morning before Christmas and all through the house… not a single alarm stirred, for there was no real reason to rouse. She tossed and she turned, until she finally rolled out of bed. Not a single thought came to mind, except “7am..?”, the time ran confusingly through her head . She soon poured the coffee and combed her hair, and then at all of the beautiful presents she simply stared.

So lucky.. so loved was she! Her heart danced and skipped with the spirit of that Christmas tree, with all its glitter and its grace! Just look at how the star is even perfectly in place!

There would soon be the baking of treats and a great big feast, until bellies were full and the fridge could feed a beast! Friends and neighbors would all gather and sing, lighting candles high in the air, as the true meaning of Christmas was not all about things.

Still, even after this, there would be parties and drinks that shimmered ruby red, and there would be more singing and dancing until they all laughed and fell down, making their way back to bed. Until Christmas morning arrived just as quickly as this one did, and children around the world would race and scurry, just like us when we were all kids.

This warmed her heart, the art of giving and the joy that came from this time of year. To her family and friends all over the world, she wished they could be here. Yet, the world was such a great big place! She had to make use of boxes, phone calls and texts just to put a great big smile on their face.

To those she had never met, she wished them all a very Merry Christmas too, because Christmas was as good a time as any to let people know, “I am thinking of you.”




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