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Dating after 30

I had an interesting conversation with my lovely niece today. She wondered why women accept so much less than they deserve… Don’t they know they deserve better? Don’t they understand by going back to the same type of man, they will suffer the same consequences? Don’t women know they are […]

January in Alaska.

Many people I talk to around the world often ask me the same question, “Is it really dark there right now, for 6 months right?”. Well, yes and no. We actually start to gain light slowly in January. While there is light, it is often very cloudy, which makes everything […]

Day 4 of 365

Day 4 of 365. Day 1 back to reality and WOW… did shit get real! Let’s review. I had to wake up at 6am. After 3 days of sleeping in till noon, this alone was a tragedy. Carefully walked all day across block after block of ice at the pace […]


If there is one thing I have been ALL IN on doing the last few days, it has been sleeping. I LOVE to sleep.I also happen to live in Alaska where daylight is a short and distant memory this time of year, so like all other animals in these mountains, […]

2016: The Year of Being Present

Remember the way that teachers used to do roll call in our grade school years? They would pull out their roster every morning and one by one go down the list, pausing momentarily for each individual to account for their own attendance by stating they were “present” or “here”. I […]