If there is one thing I have been ALL IN on doing the last few days, it has been sleeping. I LOVE to sleep.I also happen to live in Alaska where daylight is a short and distant memory this time of year, so like all other animals in these mountains, I am taking time to catch up on my beauty rest.

Tomorrow it is back to work for me and many others. Gone are the 3 and 4 day weekends for a while! During any typical work week, I am damn lucky to get 7 hours of rough sleep every night. I think this is a common number of sleep hours for most of us, right?

There are plenty of articles that offer advice on getting more sleep. (Sleep Tips) Quite frankly, I find them all to be highly unrealistic. For example, some of their tips include advice as follows:

1.) “Avoid alcohol before bedtime” – Seriously? I have waited for this one glass of red wine ALL friggin day. It is the reason I made it through traffic, meetings, piles of paper work, my daily workout, etc. This one glass of vino is my reward for getting out there and adulting. I refuse to give it up. Next!

2.) “Visualize a peaceful, restful sleep” – I would love to! If I could only rid my mind of the 186 problems that do not actually exist, including the fact that it is already midnight and I have to be up in 6 hours. Sleep research must be a calm gig…

3.) “Avoid caffeine during the day “- ………. this would end badly. Not just for me, but for the universe. What are these people even thinking?

Personally, I think having  a good bedtime routine is the best way for most of us to get more sleep. If that includes playing on Pinterest for a good hour, do it. If in addition, you’d like to have a glass of vino to help you wind down, go for it! Do what you know relaxes you. We sleep better when we don’t have to worry about getting enough sleep anyway. Perhaps it is really that simple… ?

Speaking of relaxing, I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday! For me it is laundry and cleaning day, then off to a movie and shopping date. Take it easy, relax and let us all try to keep that momentum going for the sake of future sleep this week.










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