Day 4 of 365

Day 4 of 365. Day 1 back to reality and WOW… did shit get real!

Let’s review.

  • I had to wake up at 6am. After 3 days of sleeping in till noon, this alone was a tragedy.
  • Carefully walked all day across block after block of ice at the pace of the walking dead, no, not the super fast zombie kind. The “holy shit… why did I wear these shoes?” kind.
  • Nearly eaten alive by elevator. What is WITH those sensors? Seriously?! I swear there is some wizard behind those things pressing buttons like the game “Operation!” except it’s “Elevator!” and he is winning.
  • Literally found myself stuck inside of  car wash with lights flickering on and off like a bad music video… I started to think…  “This is how it ends…and I can’t even find my milli vanilli CD.. ” My car is still dirty and I am out $10.00. The good news is I didn’t get murdered, and I found my CD.

Well played Monday, well played. As for tomorrow….

52 Funny Pictures for Today #humor #DummyIQ:



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