Dating after 30

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I had an interesting conversation with my lovely niece today. She wondered why women accept so much less than they deserve… Don’t they know they deserve better? Don’t they understand by going back to the same type of man, they will suffer the same consequences? Don’t women know they are beautiful, that they are indeed the prize? This is common sense, right?

Perhaps, it is because being alone and starting over is so difficult. I know this all too well. It’s very difficult in high school, even more difficult when you are married and almost seems inevitable once you go through a divorce. To be perfectly honest, there is no glamour to being single in your 30’s. It’s sad. Netflix and chill sad… This is what we deal with. Exhibit A:



Sure, he has a house and a car… he obviously took the initiative to make a date night plan… ladies, this is as GOOD as it gets!

Women accept less than they deserve when someone causes them to doubt their worth. Women are always worth more than they feel. For God sakes, we bring life into the universe! Top that with your abs and perfectly cut briefs sir… I dare you!

While there may be little glamour to dating after your 30, and I am certainly exhausted at age 31, you must continue to try. For the simple fact that you deserve more than Netflix and chill kinda guys, or for the fact that you are too fucking beautiful to dance alone in your living room in your favorite pajamas.

The world is too big darling, and though it may break your heart in so many ways, the heartbreak just means you still have the ability to reach the fairy tale. Dream… dream big!






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