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Dear Bathroom Scale…

Dear bathroom scale, I am really sick of your shit. You  manage to make me feel like a complete failure every time I see you! I weigh in each week and then stare back at myself in the mirror and honestly think… “How can I weigh this much, and still […]

Bucket List Update

I am so completely, head over heels, truly, inevitably in LOVE… With my current bucket list line up… and my life! haha.   #1 I AM FINALLY GOING TO PROM!!! 4/2/2016 My date is tall and oh-so-gorgeous! The band is Salt-N-Peppa! All I need now is the perfect retro (cheap) […]

Letting go

We are raised knowing our parents will get older. We spend our teenage years rebelling against them and our early 20’s tolerating their need to still treat us like children. Sighing and rolling our eyes as they continue to remind us that the way we do absolutely everything is not […]