Hello Gorgeous

kissy face

How ya been?

YIKES! Has it been a month already!? I am terribly sorry… I wish I had a good excuse! Truthfully, I’ve just been having SO much fun it seems I have lost track of time. Let’s get caught up a bit, shall we?!

Bucket List Update

#1 – Prom…. CHECK

As discussed in a previous post, I never attended my high school prom. Ok, I was never actually asked to go either…minor details. I prefer to think I was probably never asked because any guy who knew me well enough back then knew I would have probably said NO out of pure teenage spite and rebellion. “Best years of my life… pffft. I can’t wait to grow up and get out of here…”, said the most naive teenager who ever existed, trapped in a small hick town with caviar dreams and a tuna fish budget. She would later resent that phrase as life taught her that there was an unwelcoming amount of truth to it.

Moving right along…

For a few years now, one of our local radio stations here known as KFAT 92.9 (plug-check) hosts an annual concert with a prom theme. There’s usually an old school artist or band and that sets the theme for the real fun – DRESSING UP! Last year it was Vanilla Ice and I’m so damn sad I missed it after going this year! I can only imagine the brightly colored wind suits and too tight wife beater tanks I will likely never see again… ho hum.

Luckily, Salt-N-Peppa performed this year and it was a great mixture of formal wear and all sorts of flashy apparel right out of the 80’s and 90’s. Fanny packs, leg warmers, ripped baggy jeans, purple suits with bright yellow ties! Then there’s these 2 sexy ladies who just love an excuse to wear a pretty dress!

And of course… the wonderful bathroom selfie every girl takes before prom.

prom selfie

Yep, I am an adult and I have no shame. It was pretty cold out still, being Alaska and all… but that dress was beautiful and I felt like an angel in it! Shout out to the girls who never get rid of anything in their closet and love when something becomes the perfect outfit 5 or 10 years later. High Five! Well done ladies!

The decor was fairly standard but celebratory.


And of course the music… Salt-N-Peppa… the real deal!

This was truly an epic experience. It really took my friend and I back to grade school days. I must say, these ladies still have it! The hair, the outfits, the moves… classic! I can’t think of a better way to cross prom off of the list after all this time. It was everything I imagined, and that’s just the parts I can remember!

Besides, how many people can say they went to prom with one of their very best friends and got to dance to Salt-N-Peppa with Spinderella as a DJ? I don’t think these girls did too many proms in their prime time ya know?

Alright, I’m done rubbing it in for now.

I’ve got so many other stories to show you! I promise not to wait another month to post them.

Stay tuned for girls driving convertibles across sunny Florida while following Pearl Jam and other shenanigans…. insert sexy saxophone music here.


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