Girls in Convertibles

You know what’s great about convertibles? Having your big sister drive one while you both sing your heart out to TLC, Queen and anything else you can pick up with a shady signal! My big sis is an amazing person! She lets me drag her on most of my adventures without question. We’ve always been that way I think. I’m spoiled!

We recently took a mini girls trip to Miami and Tampa for the sake of oh…. laying on the beach all day, drinking way too much and driving a ridiculously fast car around! Checking another one off the bucket list!

Well, there was also the fact that these guys happened to be on tour…

That would be Pearl Jam, starring the love of my life… Eddie Fucking Vedder. The concerts were amazing! I will say Tampa had more energy than the Miami show but both were epic performances as always. The second one made me cry for a lot of reasons. I used to live in Tampa for quite a while. It was where I had my first apartment, my first relationship, my first real job, my first adult friends,etc. Going back there after so long brought up a lot of emotions I wasn’t prepared to deal with. It’s strange how that happens, don’t you think? I hadn’t thought of what it would be like to be back in one of my many hometowns. I guess I thought all of that had been diluted, or faded out somehow. Well, it hadn’t. Memories are always just where you leave them.

On top of that, Eddie was up there singing John Lennon “Imagine” and one of my all time favorite songs of their own, “Come Back”. Tear Jerkers indeed! After all was said and done, it was a very healing experience. It was nice to gain some closure on this city, as when I left many years ago, I was in a much different place. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to say goodbye to all those memories. The good, the bad, the vague..

People stare at me for a moment too long when I tell them Pearl Jam is my FAVORITE band. Those people are often unbearably boring and love things like…mornings. The confusion is mutual. How can you not love Pearl Jam?! Do you not love air? Do you also dislike rainbows and unicorns?!

Told this guy he would end up in my blog! What’s up Steve!? 🙂

Our time in each city was brief, but we managed to quench our thirst.

My friend and I even faced her fears of the ocean and did a little wave dancing afterwards. Tequila has no fear! Muahahaha!! Love you babe!

Our hotel was THE BUSINESS!!! Thanks to my travel agent Michele Kirsch at Beachwindz travel, we were able to get a great rate at THE place to stay in Miami!! The Clevelander hotel in the heart of South Beach. The location is perfect, there’s a bar on the roof and for all of the night life going on here… the rooms were impressively quiet!

As much fun as that hotel was, the Don Cesar Beach Resort in Tampa was a much more peaceful atmosphere and it was our absolute favorite.

If you ever get the chance to stay here, most definitely try their coconut ale. It’s one of those beers you need to thoroughly taste before you die! I take beer VERY seriously. So do not take that suggestion lightly by any means! Haha.

This is one of many adventures I’ll have this year. I’ll keep it close to my heart always! I hope you are busy planning adventures as well. We haven’t much time for someday you know, chop chop!


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