All Lives DO Matter

I’m not sure what to think about all of the news lately from the shooting in Dallas to all of the other many shootings we’ve seen against police and our black brothers and sisters. I’m deeply bothered by all of it, so of course I’ve got to say something.
Before you interpret what I’m about to say in your own way, you should know that I have known and do know several people who are victims of police brutality, racism and prejudice. Yes, some of those people are black. Some of those people are white. Some are Hispanic. None of these people or their families deserved what happened to them.
Here is what I know to be true about current events: 
All of this killing is unjust and unnecessary. 

All of the shootings against blacks have NOT been by ONLY police officers. It’s way bigger than that! It’s bigger than traffic stops and you tube.

Not all whites are racist. 

Not all police officers are white. 

Not all protestors are violent. 

Black lives DO matter.

Police officers lives matter.

Asian, Muslim, white, Indian, mixed, Japanese, Arabian, Samoan, tan, albino, red, gay, straight, Bi-sexual, transgendered, and human lives all matter! That shouldn’t be a debate if you respect human life. 
But… I’m not supposed to say “all lives matter”. Because that is now labeled offensive until further notice, or until something bigger happens and we get distracted by Starbucks cups, Justin Bieber or whatever we are told to hate in the next media brewed cocktail. 
Fact: Hate breeds hate. Ignorance breeds ignorance. Neither of these things will get you the results you want.
This is not a time to pick sides and make videos go viral. This is not changing anything. When we combine fear with ignorance, this is what our world looks like. Chaos. 
Think for YOURSELF. Educate yourself. Take a look at yourself and be the change in the world YOU want to see. God does NOT have Facebook and something isn’t going to change because you lay in bed at night clicking a share button.


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