Nothing better than a dirty house…

Happy Halloween!!

I hope your weekend was fun and your night filled with the magic of tricks and treats!

I had my own little party this weekend and I have to confess… nothing makes me happier than cleaning a dirty house after a big party. I know that sounds absurd to most! There was glitter on just about everything. Chips, popcorn and miscellaneous items everywhere. Also, if you lost your wig, tobacco, vampire teeth, shades, underwear …or even your dignity… it is now safely in a box that shall be stored in the garage.

So often we take these things for granted. A dirty house often means it was full. I think of people who would give anything to have a house that full and I feel blessed in being able to clean it up.

I think of people laughing, dancing and being just exactly who they are for a few hours in my living room… and it makes my heart smile. Despite the candy wrappers, the empty bottles, etc. I sweep, and then I go to work and think of people who are praying for a job, any job. I’m lucky enough to have a very good one! I’m lucky to have to set an alarm, to have bills to pay, to have such a busy life full of light and warmth.

This year, I am taking it upon myself to bring some of that warmth to others. We have many homeless people in the city of Anchorage. It always bothers me and I never know what to do about it. Money only goes so far and it doesn’t really help because most of these people don’t even have an ID to go stay in a hotel even if you paid for it. They are stuck in a cold shelter at night (if they’re lucky) and even more cold during the day. So, I have an idea.

What if I could fill a backpack with a few essential items to make getting through the day and night a bit easier? A few dollars sure, a blanket, a warm hat, a pair of gloves, some instant toe warmers after walking outside in the cold all day. Maybe a book to read or something to occupy the mind away from their despair and loneliness, however temporary I pray it might be.

I’m accepting donations and I’ll distribute any that I receive throughout the year.

Remember, it’s not what you got… but what you give. – Tesla


❤ Kat


Always help someone.:





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