A letter to Chris Cornell

Dear Mr. Chris Cornell, 

I made a list once of things I would miss in this world should I no longer choose to be in it. It’s 2.5 pages long. You are on the first page. 

No, I never met you. I never even saw you perform live. I wish I could have seen that. I wish I could have witnessed your voice light up a crowd more than anything right now. My heart is heavy.

Some people might only know you as “the guy from Soundgarden”. I know you all the way back to 1990.  I know you as the friend and roommate of legend Andy Wood and the birth of the band Mother Love Bone. I know that after he died from a heroin overdose, you created the band “Temple of the Dog” as a tribute to carry on what Mother Love Bone started.

You sir, are one of the founding fathers of an era in music history called “Grunge”. Music that wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Music with lyrics that helped millions of people acknowledge and deal with depression, mental illness, addiction, anxiety and the very real demon of suicide. You wrote about things everyone feels, but no one talks about.

Outshined- “I’m looking California and feeling Minnesota”

Black Hole Sun- “In my eyes, indisposed, in disguises, no one knows”; 

Seasons-“And I’m lost behind, the words I’ll never find”. 

You also wrote a song called “Hunger Strike” that has built the foundation of my love for music. With this song alone, you saved my life. You brought into my heart the voice of Eddie Vedder, like fireworks in the most beautiful duet I’ve ever heard. 

I may not have met you, but you have sat with me in the dark when I couldn’t bare the light. You have comforted me, inspired me, celebrated with me, traveled years and miles with me in the front dash of every car I have owned. You have shared pieces of your soul with the world and in doing so, brought us closer together with music. 

In closing Mr. Cornell, you are not to me another musician who took his own life. You are one of the people who have saved mine. You are family. You are a legend. You are loved, and you are sorely missed beyond belief by all of us. 


❤ Kat

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