Grateful Sunday

Day 2 of Gratitude (yesterday) 

What technology are you grateful for? 

My I-phone! 

What did we used to do before cell phones? I think it involved a boxed phone shape object with a long cord, leg warmers and telling siblings to get off the other line!

I’m grateful for my I-phone and I’m not ashamed to admit it! This technology allows me to remain connected 24/7, and I honestly have no idea how to summon a cab or find a new restaurant without it. It’s a co-dependent relationship, one I’m willing to accept and embrace. While the convenience of our smart phones can sometimes be overwhelming, they definitely make our fast paced lives much easier.

Day 3 (today) What color are you grateful for? 

Green. $$$


Call me shallow, but whoever said money can’t buy happiness should transfer theirs right into my bank account! 

 Money isn’t everything, but it provides shelter, gas in my car, food on the table, trips home to see family, and a sense of satisfaction and stability that all the yoga in the world can’t get you!  Thankful for my green and that I’m able to work hard for more of it. 

What are you grateful for? What technology? What color? Play this game with me. It could be fun! 


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