Catching Up

While I have been following and completing the 30 day gratitude project, I have sucked at posting about it. I’m 5 days behind…. so brace yourself!

  • Day 5- What sound are you grateful for today? 


          After a long day of traffic, elevator chatter, the sound of heels clicking against the floor, the fax machine beep that gives you that same jolt each time (because you never expect it), the hellos, the have a nice days, the car door slamming, the rattling of keys in the never ending bottom of your bag, and tupperware from a questionable date hitting the sink to soak… after all of that, if you are lucky…there’s a bit of silence. A fragment of quiet in a world of chaos. Silence is both a luxury and a response. It is efficient and powerful either way it is received.

  • Day 6 – What in nature are you grateful for?

  The way the seasons start and stop. It’s “fall” for about 2 more weeks in Alaska before it will snow. Even though Alaska has a significantly unique climate schedule separate from anything else in the lower 48, it still makes an effort to start and stop seasons. 

Everything changes colors all at once. From the leaves to the clothes we pull out of the back of our closets. Nature has a way of leading us forward with a bit of magic in the air. 

  • Day 7 – What memory are you grateful for? 

This was a difficult one because I have a lot of memories I’m grateful for. Many pleasant and many painful. 

If I have to think of one memory I’m grateful for, it would be living in my first apartment with inflatable furniture and eating ramen noodles. I thought I could never be happier, with my Jim Morrison poster tacked above the doorway and my rolling stone magazines spread across the carpet. It was my very first place. It was my own.

It is essential to have a piece of yourself locked away somewhere, and for me it would be there. In that apartment, with not much, but everything I needed. In that moment of my life, I was enough. I knew that I would always be enough.

  • Day 8 – What book are you most grateful for? 

The Bible. It is the only book written by men that I can truly appreciate. It’s got politics, religion, sex, miracles, inspiration, and a great self help section. 

  • Day 9 – What place are you most grateful for? 


I have lived in 7 different states including California, and Alaska is the only place that has ever felt like home for me. You either love it or hate it, either way, you must experience it at least once in a lifetime. 

  • Day 10 – What taste are you grateful for today? 

Leftover French fries microwaved and a chocolate strawberry protein shake. The taste of I’m not cooking or doing dishes, and I have class in 30 minutes. The combo of salty and sweet is also pretty amazing. Sometimes it’s ok to give in to what comes easy. 


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