Gratitude project continues…

Day 11 – What holiday are you grateful for? 

Halloween! It’s the perfect excuse for big wigs, spandex and priceless photo opportunities! Not to mention…the giant bowl of candy ❤️

Day 12 – What texture are you grateful for? 

What a strange question…this is one I definitely had to think about, but what I came up with is the texture of my own sheets! 

Whether I’ve been traveling or just had a really long day, there is a consistent amount of satisfaction in the familiar texture of one’s own bedding. It’s hard to leave each morning and the best to come back to. It’s a dependable kind of comfort, the way your legs and arms resume their favorite spots.  A cocoon that’s actually reversible.

Day 13 – What abilities are you grateful for? 

The ability to complain about being able to get out of bed everyday when so many cannot. 

Day 14- What sight are you grateful for? 

The face of friends walking through the door of a restaurant to join me for dinner. There are few days in life that cannot be rescued by good friends, conversation and wine. 

Day 15 – What season are you grateful for? 

Fall! We visited Portland for a long weekend and while Alaska is already moving steadily into winter, I wasn’t quite ready to let go…although, I could have done without the rain. 

Day 16 – What about your body are you grateful for? 

The ability to adapt and recover. I ate everything I wanted ALL 4 days of my weekend, and I didn’t gain 10 pounds! I’m grateful it was only 1. 

Day 17 – What knowledge are you grateful for?

The difference between existing and living. Without this knowledge you understand nothing.

Day 18 – What piece of art are you grateful for? 

The kind that’s least expected and randomly placed. Both of these were taken in downtown Portland area and brought me much happiness. 


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