A bit of background

Hi there!

Welcome to my humble corner of cyber space. This blog is a collection of stories, random thoughts and moments in time surrounding my life. Disclaimer: You will not find any diet tricks, DIY crafts (especially smoothies), or other fragrance-free bullshit on this site.

Here’s what you need to know. My name is Kat, I live in Alaska and not in an igloo. I care about people, music and making the world a little easier to laugh & live in. I also care about Pearl Jam, tacos and unicorns; in that order.

I’m always a little late because of who I am as a person. However, at this exact moment I am 9 months late on this blog post. That’s a full grown fetus of procrastination! What can I say? A lot happened.

If we’ve met, I’m glad you are still here! If we haven’t, it’s nice to meet you, I’m glad you made it.





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