Toxicity – the quality of being toxic or poisonous.

What do you think of when you hear the word “toxic”?

Most of us imagine material things like waste, products we shouldn’t have in our home, chemicals, pollution, etc. We wouldn’t go into a store and buy something that is labeled TOXIC. It usually has that less than adorable skull marked with an X right on it somewhere.

Warnings: Do not ingest. Do not touch. Do not take with you and pass go.

Unless we are out to harm someone, something or ourselves; toxic products serve no purpose to us.

All too often we allow toxic things and people into our life out of pure habitual consent. These people are usually your family, or your closest “friends”. People you have known your ENTIRE life. They don’t come with a warning label. In fact, you don’t even realize the intricate ways they have polluted your life….. until you do.

Take a moment to look around you. Think about your family, your co-workers, the people you see the most often. Now imagine your life is an album. The theme/genre can be whatever you want. Each person in your life has their own song on that album, and when it ends you feel a certain way. What does this sound like? What songs are these people singing to you on a daily basis and how does that look if you were to print it on a cover? Really stop and imagine this for a few minutes.

The first time I ever did this exercise, the way that album made me feel was something like this:

Track 1: You’re worthless

Track 2: Nobody likes you

Track 3: You get what you deserve.

Track 4: Fuck you.

Track 5: What’s for dinner? And is it ready yet?

So you get the idea? After writing all that down, why the hell would I want to keep listening to this album? No wonder I was depressed! No wonder I was exhausted! I was fighting a war with the people around me and my head every single day. Who wouldn’t be exhausted? And why the hell was I ALLOWING this to continue?

Why are YOU?

Since moving to Alaska, I have grown through what I’ve gone through (Can I get an Amen?), I have surrounded myself with positive people, I have changed my career. I have made myself a priority and I no longer break promises to myself. Most importantly, I learned to LOVE myself, and I do not tolerate anything less from ANYONE. If you are a part of my life, you are part of my symphony. I respect you. I am grateful for you, and I care for you. Nothing less.

My new album came out in 2014:

Track 1: You are worth this and SO much more.

Track 2: We are proud of you.

Track 3: You are loved beyond words.

Track 4: I made you dinner.

Track 5: Life is for the living.

I love this album! It’s always changing and so are we.

Toxicity isn’t something you need on your soundtrack. If the people playing tracks in your life can’t support you, love you and make you into a better person – start a new playlist. TODAY!!

You are under no obligation – not biologically, not spiritually, not physically to allow toxic people or things into your life. Take out the trash.

I love you. I am so glad you are here.






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