29.5 days

29.5 days, that’s how far I made it on my 30 day sober challenge! You know what? That’s more than good enough for me. I am so freakin proud of myself! #virtualhighfive.

I just really couldn’t wait to celebrate, and I had a lot of good reasons to do just that this week. So, I sacrificed my .5 and poured myself a beautiful manhattan. For this one I used Four Roses Bourbon, which is new to my palette and oh so welcome!

What did I get out of this challenge? A lot more than I expected. The biggest difference I noticed is that I’m not coming home at the end of the day with the expectation of that nightly cocktail. It’s off the menu. Did I miss it? Absolutely! I also have taken up a new habit of hot tea to wind down instead. Tea can be pretty damn fancy. I have a cupboard full of Yogi teas and about 5 different kinds of chamomile. Not to brag…or anything.

The other huge difference for me was SLEEP. You guys, I have been getting the BEST sleep of my life! My skin looks better, I feel better, I have way more energy. Since I already sound like a diet infomercial, I’ll confess that I’ve also lost about 10 lbs. #winning

I don’t think the 10lbs was all from calories saved, but the fact that I was able to work out more regularly and had an urge to eat healthier as a result.

There were mental and emotional changes for me too. If you read my last post, you know that on Day 4 I felt all different types of emotions. On day 14 I was extremely depressed and wanted to give up. Then Day 19 arrived, and I wrote that I felt “capable”.

“Capable of getting through good and bad days without a crutch. Capable of being honest with myself. Capable of making changes to my life that will make me proud of myself. ”

That’s a good thing to feel and it’s been a really long time since I have felt anything even close to capable.

Day 20 I had the worst migraine of my life, and there wasn’t enough tea or herbs in the world. Day 22 and 23 I struggled not to give in, leading us to that .5 I lost. But I’m okay with that. It’s perfectly ok to adjust your goals to whatever works best for you, as long as you don’t completely give up on yourself.

If you’re thinking of challenging yourself to 30 days sober, or 60, or even 90… whatever works for you. I highly recommend it, but be prepared. You’ll have to feel things. Think through things, and yes shit is just going to happen. But, I believe in you. You got this.


Ps: I’m so happy you are here.

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