Pantless Rant


Remember that one time we were all like… “Ugh… I can’t believe I have to get up, put on pants, and go out into the world today. I JUST want to stay at home.”

Well, well, well…congratulations! You get to stay home, and YOU get to stay home, and YOU!

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It feels like waking up in Vegas right? Nobody knows what time it is, the bar is always open, and more than half of us are naked. Except we really can’t leave the hotel and condoms WILL NOT help you if you do. Also, turns out the tiger king is a real thing and not just a bathroom joke.

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Before everyone gets their panties in a wad, I am not trying to make light of a global pandemic. I’m just a girl standing here in her underwear, trying to lighten your heart up a bit because the world is in PAIN. People are losing their jobs, their minds and their lives.

Here in Alaska we seem to have taken a good head start on quarantine and social distancing. However, like most of the world, we also have extremely limited resources when it comes to beds in an ICU or hospital care in general. In just a week, the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 tripled in Alaska and is now at 102. That number is literally nothing compared to other states like Washington who have 4,310 confirmed cases, or the even scarier number of 142,226 cases across the US as a whole. Still, current size really doesn’t matter when the fear of how bad this could get is just as crippling for us.

I have seen so many positive posts and people reaching out to other people during this time that it truly makes my heart smile. People are finding and creating ways to be together and support each other that I have never seen before. From socially connecting in groups via web cam for work or school, to drive in theatres and even drive in comedy shows (yeah, that’s a thing), it gives me serious hope that we will stay together (6 ft apart) and we will all actually get through this. I think we need that sense of community so very much right now, and we also need to be as safe as possible. Even if you don’t feel sick, even if you think YOU would be ok if YOU got it… the other 14+ people you could potentially infect may not be so lucky.

Yes, the world looks and feels different right now. It doesn’t mean you have to stop living, and it doesn’t mean you get to sit around and have a pity party for yourself. Someone, somwhere out there would trade with you in a heartbeat. So get the fuck up. Get out of bed. Dance around in your underwear, because no one is watching unless they are dancing with you. Go for a walk if you can, breathe some fresh air. Facetime your family and friends as much as possible. Most importantly, take good care of your mind and your body EVEN when you don’t want to.

BE KIND TO YOURSELF. This means eating good food, drinking water, getting some kind of exercise for at least 30 minutes every single day. All the things that just get harder and harder to do for yourself if depression or anxiety takes over. You are still in control, and you can get through this.


P.S. I am SO happy you are here.

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