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Dolphins are badass.

Did you know… that dolphins can swim up to 25 miles per hour? Or, that they have approximately 100 teeth, even though they swallow all of their food whole? Did you know that a killer whale is actually part of the dolphin family? I know…I sound like Wikipedia already… but, […]

Darkness in Paris

It was my intention to use this day to update you on my wonderful vacation. I was planning to talk about how amazing it was to swim with dolphins in Atlantis and to have coffee every morning overlooking the Caribbean. However, I am finding it difficult to focus on dreams […]


After two years of traveling solely around my home state of Alaska and the occasional trip to Seattle, I am well overdue for a REAL vacation. The kind that requires a bathing suit and sunscreen. The kind where I eat something other than chicken breast and spinach. The kind that […]

The Story Is The Same

Wowza! I was very impressed with the response to my last post “A letter to my Ex-Husband”. I received several messages from people thanking me for putting this out there. It’s a good reminder that we are all in this life together. Even though we may feel completely alone at […]

A letter to my Ex-Husband

So many women and men in my life right now are struggling with their relationships. They struggle with staying or leaving. They struggle to build trust, respect or just to find that love that used to be there. They struggle with feeling worthless and confused. It is for this reason […]

Moving Forward

Earlier this year, I released my bucket list items with great hesitation. It seemed that I begin to fail almost as immediately as I started. Due to sustaining a minor knee injury, I missed the Reindeer run. My other plans to do the mud run didn’t work out because I […]

After the Storm

Today, while I was at the gym thinking about how everything probably taste better than skinny feels, I saw a commercial for a documentary titled, “KATRINA…10 years after the storm”. It took my breath away for an extended moment. You all remember Hurricane Katrina because it was one of the […]


You know the great thing about lists? It’s easy to edit them. In fact, did you know that you can erase a list at any time? It’s the most refreshing feeling! Although no one has actually noticed, I have erased my entire bucket list for 2015, as well as every […]